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Crawl Spaces Chesterbrook, PA

crawl spaces Chesterbrook Pennsylvania

Effective Crawl Space Repairs and Maintenance 

Crawl space repairs Chesterbrook, PA are extremely important for homeowners and commercial property owners. Crawl spaces are often overlooked when it comes to repairs. These spaces can be as small as a closet that is under the kitchen sink or can be as large as a full basement. This article will discuss how these small spaces can benefit from complete or partial repairs.

Crawl spaces can be made worse by the presence of condensation. An unvented or partially vented crawl space lets humidity escape easily so the crawl space humidity is the exact same as the outside equivalent. Due to the HVAC ventilation systems, the indoor humidity can actually get even worse within the crawl space. Water vapor is a bigger problem within these rooms as it contains moisture and increases humidity exponentially. A waterproof liner or wall covering may not fix all of these problems.

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    A vapor barrier is a solution that should be applied to these areas

    It is constructed in such a way as to make it impervious to moisture. The vapor barrier will be applied both to the walls and to the sub-floor, the foundation which holds the soil or the building structure itself.

    In the case of a waterproof liner or wall covering, you may consider simply replacing the liner. For crawl space dehumidifiers, it is recommended to install a sump pump that has a water control valve. The sump pump removes excess moisture and captures it in a holding reservoir underneath the sump. Water that is allowed to enter the foundation can freeze and expand causing excess humidity levels in the home.

    Other options include using an exhaust fan on a continual basis in order to draw outside air in and improve humidity in the crawl space. Exhaust fans are often installed with a humidistat that allows the dehumidifier to operate automatically when temperatures in the crawl space fall below a certain point. A humidistat may also be used on a regular basis to increase the temperature inside the house. If the existing conditions are humid enough, an exhaust fan is probably the best option.

    A fiberglass insulation board that is placed between the floor and wall is another option. Fiberglass insulation provides excellent thermal properties, but it is also very thick and large. It may require professional installation for this application. Another option is to cover the entire crawl space with a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier will prevent moisture from penetrating the ground or wall and entering the home.

    If the crawl space consists of a concrete floor, a fiberglass insulation board is not an option. It is often necessary to cover the concrete with fiberglass sheeting before filling it with insulation. This can be done in one or two visits to the home. A vapor barrier is usually applied at the finished floor level after the fiberglass insulation is installed.


    What factors do you need to consider? 

    There are many factors that contribute to humidity levels in a home. Air conditioning systems dehumidify the air in a home, while dehumidifiers are used to raise the relative humidity. In addition, wood and appliances use electricity to function, and these require electricity to function. crawl spaces are places in a house where humidity control must be considered. Hire an experienced crawl space contractor to find the correct solution for any problem that you may have concerning the condition of your crawl space.

    Air ducts are connected to the foundation and ductwork is located within the walls of a home. These are two areas that should be sealed to prevent humidity from moving into the crawl space. A dehumidifier is installed in the crawl space for dehumidification. Air from inside the house is sent outdoors and taken outside by the air ducts. The relative humidity is then calculated using a hygrometer.

    A sump pump is used to eliminate the threat of basement flooding. Standing water in the crawl space can result in a dangerous situation, so a sump pump will eliminate the need for excess landscaping to control water accumulation. This device removes the water from the basement through the sump pit. If left unchecked, standing water can cause damage to the floors and walls of a home. A professionally trained professional can install a dehumidifier or sump pump and install an air conditioner or heat pump to remedy the situation.

    Another popular method of controlling moisture is vapor control. Vented crawl spaces can be made more efficient with vented ceiling insulation. Ceiling insulation works by allowing warm air from inside the home to escape through the roof and through the attic to provide dry air in the crawl spaces. Professional contractors can install this type of insulation.