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Sump Pump Repair & Installation Chesterbrook, PA

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

How to Install Sump Pumps Properly? 

A sump pump Chesterbrook, PA  is basically a specialized appliance designed specifically to pump water out of a prone area. Most homeowners are more familiar with sump pumps for flood prevention in case of serious flooding, high water tables on low-lying spots, or other equally important reasons. But what exactly is it? And how does a sump pump installation affect your home's safety?

Sump pumps serve a very specific purpose. They are designed and installed to prevent flooding in basements and on foundations. The device removes excess groundwater, providing the water a route to run offsite to be recovered by the indoor air. It is important to know that the term "sump" refers to the drainage system connected to a floor, while "pump" refers to the equipment utilized to pump the water out of the site. It should be noted that while sump pumps are mainly used in commercial and industrial settings to prevent flooding, they are also commonly found in residential areas for the same purpose.

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    Installing sump pumps properly is absolutely essential to their proper functioning.

    Although you can make do with just any kind of pump you have available at home, it is always better to install those that are specifically designed for this purpose. This is because damaged or worn-out pumps may not pump out all the water that the system is meant to pump out. In fact, some pumps may even damage the interior components of the basement. To make sure that your pumps are working at their optimal capacity all the time, you should always install them according to the manufacturers' specifications.


    The most basic step in installing sump pumps is getting the right tools

    Tools such as an adjustable wrench, a drill, water line tap, electrical wire, screwdriver, an angle grinder, a level and a broom are commonly seen as household items that are required for proper installation. Jackhammer, sump pump spout guard, and pipe wrenches are also very useful tools. You must always remember not to use nails or hammers while installing because such tools can damage the basement walls. For the best results when installing the system, you should consult an experienced professional who has installed many basement waterproofing systems. You should never start the job without first consulting an expert.

    After you have obtained all the tools and materials required for the job, you should remove the existing sump pump and set up the new one. One thing to keep in mind is never to connect the motor to the water line directly because excess water could lead to the malfunction of the pump. Connecting the motor to a different water supply line or a different pump outlet could cause the motor to work inappropriately. Once the motor is installed, you should drain the water level from the crawl space or basement using a garden hose.

    Next, you should install a sump pump fixture at the lowest point on your basement wall. This fixture will serve as the detection device for locating the leak and turning on the machine automatically. The lowermost sump pumps come equipped with switches that can be used for switching on and off the machine. Before actually starting the motor, the water levels in the crawl space or basement must be detected using a flashlight. The detector sump pumps usually come equipped with indicators that warn the homeowner when the water level has exceeded a certain limit. Once this indicator is turned on, the sump pump will start working immediately.


    Submersible sump pumps are much safer compared to submersible pumps 

    These types of sump pumps are installed inside the crawl space or basement and can be manually operated through a control panel. A single switch is provided on the control panel to regulate the pumping of the water. A remote control switch is provided which can be used to shut the water off from any particular area. Installing a pedestal pump will provide homeowners with peace of mind as it is located in a safe and protected area outside the house. Since it is located outside, most of the risks and dangers posed by the submersible type of pumps are avoided.

    Installing the appropriate sump pumps and the appropriate GFCI protection devices is the best way to protect yourself and your family members from the risk of water leaks. Most of these devices are available for under $1000. You can find many different models online or from your local hardware stores. The main purpose of installing the above-mentioned devices is to prevent the water from leaking into your home and causing further damage.